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Curaytor: More than a Charge on My Credit Card

Sterling Hall

The process of buying or selling a home is not about me. It is not about how many homes I have listed or sold...

The process of buying or selling a home is not about me. It is not about how many homes I have listed or sold...

Feb 5 6 minutes read

My apologies for the delay in responding, replying and updating those of you who have reached out to my team and I over the past few days.

For those of you I don't know, my name is Sterling Hall and I am the broker of Emerge Properties of LA, a real estate company that focuses on the now devastated Baton Rouge market.

I need to take a moment to personally thank Jimmy Mackin and Chris Smith, co-founders of Curaytor.  As with many of you, I have 30+ real estate related companies, services, systems that charge my business credit card on a monthly basis.  The majority of those know I am located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  But can I tell you that only 1 has reached out to me personally and asked about any impact of the recent flooding events in my area.  Can you guess which one?

I have seen some of you post and tag them when you receive a bouquet of flowers or basket of goodies when you are going through something.  I've seen many of you thanking these gentlemen for personally reaching out to you.  

These guys at Curaytor are more than just a charge on your credit card.  They not only want to see you and your business succeed - but blow your market out of the water!  On top of that, they truly have a personal interest in those of us they work with.

Jimmy, Chris and the Curaytor Team ... I personally, my family and my real estate team thank you for the simple act of reaching out to check on us!  And even more so, the immediate local support that I see impacting families I do life with daily!

It is my understanding that the national media has not given much exposure to the unfathomable devastation that has hit my state!

Yes, we have experienced "flooding" in our area before.  But to flood in areas that have no written record of ever even getting close to flooding is insane!  It is estimated that 80% of the homes damaged didn't have flood insurance ... because it wasn't required!

This is my home as the water was rising (yes, I took a fishing boat to check on it).  This is my neighborhood with flooded vehicles.  And me, waiting for the fishing boat that came down the main boulevard of my neighborhood!

And while my home was damaged, these are the homes of 3 agents on my team plus our Excellence Coordinator's home! (Not pictured are the multiple investment & rental properties team members lost during this catastrophic flood).

A during the flood & after the flood picture of a street just one neighborhood over from me!  Our neighborhood nursery that won't be able to reopen due to the loss.  And, the Super Target located 3 minutes from my home just off the interstate (yes, that water is the interstate & off ramp).

We have parishes here (most of you have counties).  Imagine the 3 major counties that you serve experiencing an unexpected flood!  In one of our parishes (Livingston), 90% of the properties received damage with 75% of those being a total loss!  Just a few days after the flood waters receded, we lost 2/3 of the listings that were For Sale in Livingston!


I have been asked by several agents & teams in the Curaytor family about how they can help those of us impacted!  Honestly, we are past the point of needing water, food and cleaning supplies!  If a home isn't gutted and drying by now, with the heat we have had, it is probably a total loss!  If you are interested & able to, here is how you can help:

  1. THOUGHTS & PRAYERS:  They go a long way!  Please keep my team & I, along with our families and businesses in your thoughts and prayers.  Every day we encounter a new hurdle in this process we haven't thought of.  And, who knows the ultimate impact to our inventory, our market, our careers!
  2. GIVE NATIONALLY:  While several of the larger disaster relief organizations have been given some flack about policies & procedures in the local shelters, they did kick into gear and help in those first few critical hours!  Give to the Red Cross and/or the Salvation Army.
  3. GIVE LOCALLY:  We have a few resources available that will directly impact our families, our lives and those we do life with on a day-to-day basis!
    My church has  an outreach center passing out food, clothing, supplies plus financial assistance: >> Flood Relief
    As with many in the area, my children's school had several feet of water & mud.  School was to begin on 8/15.  Now we are hopeful things will be in place for 9/6.
  4. GIVE DIRECTLY:   Several have asked how how they and their teams can give directly to those impacted on our team.  
    1. Gift Cards to Home Depot, Lowe's, Target and Wal-mart can be mailed to our office:
      Emerge Properties of LA
      13228 Berwick Ave
      Baton Rouge, LA  70815 
    2.  Paypal support can be sent to [email protected]
      (all direct giving will be distributed to all those impacted on our team)

Again, to Chris & Jimmy - thank you for being real deal people who care!  Thank you for your almost immediate support!

To our Curaytor family, your interest and inquiries as to our well-being has been overwhelming!  I apologize that we have not been able to respond to each of you individually!

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